Just two dudes named Dustin (Thomas & Thompson, respectively) delivering you snackable bits of mindblowing interactive awesomesauce from SXSW2014. It might get weird — so weird you'd swear you were there! Powered by Moxie USA.

Lessons from the Dustins on how to survive SXSW.

1. Stay within walking distance

2. Book your hotel WELL in advance (see #1)

3. Bring extra power for your phones and iPads (check out Mophie)

4. Bring rain gear. Because it rains.

5. Break out of your shell and meet new people.

6. Be prepared

7. Take notes at the sessions but don’t try to write your blog post then or you’ll miss out on a good speaker. Spend some time later thinking about the subject and what the speakers were talking about and add your own POV.

8. Trust us, bring comfortable shoes. And, you might want to bring extra socks. If it rains, you will have wet feet.
9. Consider renting a bike. It’s hard getting a cab and bikes allow you to cover more ground. Hat tip to Waterloo bikes for the rental.
10. Getting a cab can be a challenge. Uber and other taxi apps like Taxi Magic and Hailacab Austin make it easier. Plus, the payment process is automated.
11. Hydrate like you’re going to a rave. Don’t act like you don’t know. Just leave your glow stick collection and infinite flow dance moves at home.
12. Pace yourself. There are a lot of booze to be had, but keep old school gentleman-like. You never know who you’re going to run into. You don’t want them to think your name is Ralph.
13. Try to attend with a few friends or close coworkers with similar interests. That way you can split up the session duties and feel comfortable with one another’s Cliffs Notes.
14. Get some sleep.
15. Find a local coffee shop. Shorter lines + always solid to support local. Hit up Easy Tiger at 709 E 6th St and tell them Dustin sent you.
16. Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Snickers.
17. Go to Stubbs and Franklin’s BBQ. Be prepared to wait in line but it’s totally worth it. Trust me.
18. Register for parties and download the Eventbrite app to keep track of your digital tickets. But a ticket doesn’t always mean you can walk right in - trust us, there will be a long line. Leverage your connections ahead of time and get on the VIP list to bypass the lines.
19. You’ve RSVP’d for a party…GO to it. Great place to mingle, meet new people, get free booze, and the occasional celebrity sighting.
20. Hipsters…they are all over Austin. But don’t be afraid, they mean no harm. A peaceful group with awesome mustaches, beards, fun clothes, unique personalities, and a certain charm that will draw you in and intrigue you. Say hi, buy them a beer, swap stories and make a new friend. They keep Austin weird and fun.